a new way to hire kit in the UK

We’ve been working on this a year now but we’re glad to finally open it to UK. It’s a kit sharing and rental site called We hope it will enable people to find cinema and video kit near to them easily.

It may also enable independent owners of equipment and easier way to earn money from their gear investments.

As the amount of cameras available increases and updates, it is pretty hard for a regular hire company to keep stock of everything. At our kit rental company, the Gear Factory, we often get calls for all sorts of kit we just would never have thought would be in demand. But someone probably does have one: it;s a question of finding it.

Of course, the gear rental side is very open to fraud and theft. So we will be providing a huge amount of information to kit owners about potential hirers, including if all their IDs and references have been verified, so the owner can make informed decisions as to if they are prepared to rent to someone.

If you have some cinematography equipment you’d be interested in hiring to other professionals then have a look at MyKitPlace¬†and see what you think.

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