Movi Stabiliser Bungee Backpack support for shooting all day

Movi Stabiliser Bungee Backpack Support

The Movi 10 stabiliser has been a truly ground-breaking piece of kit that has changed the way we can think about camera movement over the last year.

The only problem over more traditional support such as jibs, dollys or steadicams, is that with all the weight supported on the operator’s arms, fatigue can set in quite quickly, limiting the amount of Movi shooting you can do.

Suspending the Movi from an Easyrig seemed like an option, but after experimenting we felt it was a bit too limiting. So we put together a Bungee Backpack support which allows for low and high shooting.

We also made room for a monitor on the back for a director or AC to see for follow focus, turning it into a whole little production unit.

We really think this will be useful for dramas and features, enabling interesting shots with smooth movement to be shot nearly all day. So you could get through a lot of set-ups this way.

It is even more essential for stabilizers such as the DJI Ronin that are much heavier in themselves than the Movi.

And of course, all available for hire/rent from the Gear Factory in London.

Movi Stabiliser Bungee Backpack Support

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